Gene Effect Patch 1.3.0 for Android available!

Patch 1.3.0


    -Moga controller support added


    -Many performance improvements


    -Optimized bloom post effect implemented
    -Overall brightness increased
    -Lensflare post effect removed


    -New Triton board computer voice
    -Added menu navigation sound when using controller
    -Menu voice removed

User Interface

    -Most menus now support the back button on Android devices
    -Exit game button removed on Android (use device back button instead)
    -Lightstorm3D games menu added
    -New controller help menu added
    -Added controller menu navigation (navigate and scroll text with left analog stick or pad, switch pages with rear buttons, execute with A button, go back with B button)


    -Device power saving is now turned off while game is running

Bug Fixes

    -Several shader fixed and optimized
    -Changing music volume will now be applied properly in all menus
    -Fixed camera clip plane problem in mission 18 and 21
    -Fixed invisible mine in mission 18
    -Goal icon brightness fixed