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Gene Effect takes place in the not so distant future. Mankind explores space using an ancient technology found in an abandoned alien ore mine on Mars. We are now capable of exploiting resources from foreign planets. One day a mining vessel is missing on the planet Kratoss.

What starts as a simple rescue mission turns into the discovery of a secret that threatens the existence of mankind.

Join the space adventure on iOS and Android mobile devices.

Gameplay Features

  • Explore ancient alien mines and gather resources.
  • Fight against natural phenomena, biological threats and mechanical defensive devices.
  • Solve optional puzzles and find hidden regions to collect relicts, artifacts and other goodies.
  • Upgrade your ship by completing artifact findings.
  • Experience an epic story that unfolds using multiple, interweaved storylines.
  • Enjoy enhanced replayability through randomized level content creation, 3 difficulty levels and various kinds of trophies that support different play styles
  • Use extensive statistics to watch your personal progress.
  • Unlock jukebox tracks by solving missions.

Technical Features

  • fully dynamic flight control using real forces and collisions
  • optional navigation assistant
  • high quality bloom, lensflare and antialiasing post effects for the latest generation of mobile devices
  • dynamic realtime lighting and advanced visual effects
  • enhanced gameplay experience through a wide variety of hardware related performance options
  • 25 music tracks
  • bombastic stereo sound environment built from more than 200 individually designed sound effects
  • massive amount of objects that can be destroyed or interacted with