Difficulty Levels

Gene Effects comes with three difficulty modes: easy, normal and hard. Easy and normal mode are available right from the start, hard mode can be unlocked by completing normal mode. In higher difficulty modes you will get more damage and have a lower energy regeneration. In addition higher modes have more hostile objects. This makes hard mode the optimal choice if you are looking for the ultimate challenge.


Play Modes, Trophies & Statistics

The game does not force a specific type of gameplay onto the player. You are free to play it your preferred way and the game supports this by providing different types of trophies.

Bronze, silver and gold trophies are a score based indicator that shows how much content of a level you completed.

The platin trophy is also score based, but it requires a lot more effort: You must play the mission perfectly and find all hidden extras.

For those who like to rush through levels as fast as possible the time trophy is surely of interest. You will have to beat a predefined time while completing all primary objectives.

While you´re playing a mission, the game tracks a lot of data. Once you finished a mission you can see a statistical overview with some interesting facts including progress, total play time, total travel distance and many more.



Gene Effect has an extensive story that spans across several episodes. The events are told using multiple, interweaved storylines.

Mission briefings provide the official look at things. Here you will learn about your mission objectives and get hints how to approach obstacles. The crew’s log shows a personal point of view and tells how the ship’s crew member experience their missions. Relevant historical facts are unlocked as missions are completed.

The game comes with an optional navigation assistant that helps to prevent collisions and eases navigation with the virtual control stick, though the controls are already very precise on their own.







There are two primary resources that can be mined, rare and valuable koronite ore and three differently colored types of crystallite. Mining and delivery of resources is performed fully automated as you approach the resource or a target device.



Puzzles add an extra layer of complexity to the game. They are completely optional, so you do not need to solve them to finish a mission. On the other hand they give access to other regions of the level and always contain valuable extras.


Secret Places

Levels contain a lot of stuff to discover. Some objects are hidden below the rock surface. The ship’s sonar will uncover most of them as long as the object is within its range. Watch out for visual and acoustic hints to find secret places and objects.



Artifacts are probably the best hidden objects in the game. Collecting all artifacts of a specific category provides an upgrade for your ship.


Navigation & Physics

Everything in the game that moves and collides is based on physical laws. These rules also apply when navigating the ship which results in a very realistic and natural feeling of weight.

The game comes with an optional navigation assistant that helps to prevent collisions and eases navigation with the virtual control stick, though the controls are already very precise on their own.



You will encounter a number of obstacles while exploring alien mines. There are natural phenomena like wind and artificially generated gravity fields, a wide range of biological threats from explosive gas balls to acid spitting plants and alien technology that create a firework of plasma bombardment, energy discharges, explosions and much more.



Most spawn positions of objects that can be collected are fully randomized. This approach enhances replayability and makes the hunt for specials like time or platin trophies a lot more interesting. You will never be able to predict if the relict hidden beneath a rock or koronite contained in a bolder you blasted away last time will still be there.


Destructible Objects

Destroying stuff is fun in any game and Gene Effect makes no difference. Levels contain lot of destructible things like bolder, stalactites, loose rock surfaces, urns and so on. These objects can be destroyed using the ship’s repulsor that generates a seismic shockwave. Some objects may contain things that can be collected, others may reveal less pleasant surprises.



Gene Effect comes with an extensive sound track, featuring a mixture of orchestral and electronic music. By completing missions in any difficulty mode you can unlock new tracks. These tracks are available in the jukebox, an integrated music player.