• iPad HD resolution is now fully supported (universal build)
  • Added animated plasma effect to Jukebox that reacts to the music
  • Added brightness graphics option
  • Landscape left/right display rotation is now supported
  • Size of controls can now be adjusted in control options
  • Added color grading post effect
  • Added screen based light radius falloff
  • Anomaly now uses color grading post effect
  • Menu voice can now be turned off in sound options
  • New ship warp-in sound added at level start
  • Collisions now cause a short, global light failure


  • Increased texture and font resolution for iPad display
  • Dynamic frame rate throttling added
  • Collision detection performance improvements
  • Sound performance optimized
  • Game HUD performance improved
  • False ancient door switch order effect enhanced
  • Warp gate teleportation effect enhanced


  • The game no longer exits on suspend
  • Warp gate engine’s sound volume lowered, audibel distance increased
  • Post bloom settings have been adjusted to reduce artifact
  • Time trophy limits have been increased by 2 – 6 seconds
  • Increased camera distance
  • Mission 1: More animated spiderwebs


  • Sound effect volume setting will now be applied properly
  • Lens flare post effect settings will now be recalled properly
  • Fixed audio click when leaving anomaly
  • Tank HUDs will now properly show an empty tank after withdrawel
  • Warp gate’s sound will now properly pitch up when engine starts running
  • Fixed rock vertex colors that caused black gaps
  • Fixed some text passages and typos
  • Text slider will now reset when changing chronicle page
  • Mission 1: Fixed spiderweb causing z sorting problem
  • Mission 2: Corrected floating background plants
  • Mission 9: Fixed light flicker problem at scanner
  • Mission 19: Fixed invisible spore plant